About the Artist

My name is Emily Robinson, I am an artist who especially loves birds, fish, crustaceans, butterflies. You’ll find many different kinds of creatures in my artwork, but I am particularly partial to the ones that fly and/or hang out underwater. I call my brand Craft and Quail because my life is quite full of both of those things.

I don’t have a specialty in the art world, I love to try a bit of everything. My favorites currently are etching on glass, wood burning, ceramics, printmaking, and screen printing.

By day, I am the education coordinator for an arts non-profit and run a summer art camp program for children.

Upcoming Shows and Events 2017

Nov 3-5th, 2017: Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival, Lodi, CA

Nov 12th, 2017: Holiday Crafterino, Petaluma, CA

Nov 16-19th, 2017: Central Valley Birding Symposium, Stockton, CA

Ordering Info

I don’t typically keep a lot of items in stock at any given time, but if you’re interested in ordering a specific item, please send me an e-mail! I take custom orders for glassware and stamps all the time, and I’d be happy to hear from you.

To contact me, please e-mail:

craftandquail (at) gmail.com