Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened to the engraved glasses?

A: Unfortunately, due to the serious hazards of exposure to glass dust, I am no longer able to engrave glassware. Despite my numerous safety measures, I felt nervous continuing to put myself at risk after I had some health issues arise. I appreciate your understanding and support in making a choice to support my personal health and well-being.

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: Yes! If you are interested in custom glassware or stamps, please send me an e-mail. Unfortunately, I cannot take commissions for ceramics at this time.

Q: Can I put my painted glasses in the dishwasher?

A: No, please don’t! The paint is designed to withstand hand washing. They are handmade art items, and as such, need more special care than a plain wine glass. Please hand wash them with a gentle sponge in order to preserve them most effectively.

Q: Who makes the t-shirts you screen print on? Are they ethically sourced?

A: I buy blank shirts from Bella and Canvas. From all the research I’ve done, my opinion is that they’re one of the better choices for blank garments, and their website explains the measures they are taking to ensure proper treatment of their employees in the US and abroad. Of course, nothing is perfect, and you could argue that no new t-shirts are truly ethical if they’re introducing more fabric waste into the world. I acknowledge that reality alongside my love for screen printing, and restrict my designs to limited runs in order to minimize unsold/wasted shirts. It is my hope that those who choose to purchase my printed t-shirts choose to wear them as long as possible- once they’re unwearable, they can be used as rags or torn into strips and used for crafts (t-shirt rugs or bags, anyone?).

Q: Why do you make spider art? I hate spiders!

A: Honestly, I think spiders are the coolest! I used to be fearful of spiders, and found that learning more about them helped decrease my fear. Now I simply love them. I feel very strongly about creating spider art that portrays them in a positive light, in hopes that someone out there may be encouraged to think about them differently.